What is TrafficGrow?

TrafficGrow is a service developed by MemberPath that concentrates on increasing incoming traffic to your nonprofit website. It's called Inbound Marketing, and it's rapidly eclipsing old-fashioned outbound marketing in the 21st-century world of electronic media.

TrafficGrow focuses on expanding your online presence and visibility across the World Wide Web so that web users will notice your organization and visit your website. For nonprofits, this means increasing awareness, membership, event registrations, donations, volunteers and/or revenues. And, you can take advantage of this service regardless of where your site is hosted.

How does TrafficGrow work?

MemberPath develops a custom TrafficGrow strategy for your organization that combines blogging and social media with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the inflow of traffic to your website.

We use a 3-step approach that we've developed through years of experience in the nonprofit web industry:

  • Step 1: We perform a comprehensive review of your website, making sure your site content addresses your goals. We also optimize and define keywords on your site for effective SEO.

  • Step 2: We develop your custom strategy, defining the exact blend of SEO, blogging and social media for you to follow to increase inbound website traffic.

  • Step 3: We help you integrate this strategy into your website and measure your results, and we teach your staff how to fine-tune your strategy in response to improving website analytics and your own changes to your site.

Our on-going process focuses on these priorities:

  • Priority 1 is the optimization of your website.

  • Priority 2 is the improvement of your website's visibility throughout the web via blogging and social media.

Your website is your nonprofit's voice on the web.

Effective SEO helps people find you when they're searching or surfing for information related to your mission. Simultaneously, social media and blogging create pathways to your website across the Internet, helping drive relevant traffic to you. The bottom line is, it's all about getting noticed by the people you want to find you.


Isn't that why you wanted a website in the first place?

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