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...and our experience doesn't end with website design. All of us at MemberPath have experience working in the non-profit sector ourselves. We know what nonprofits are looking for, and we can provide solutions to your specific needs. We build websites that give your staff control of content and appearance, keeping you in control of your image and credibility.

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Tending Your Social Media Garden

Social media requires attention to ensure continued success. Luckily, this attention takes next to no time to give! Social media maintenance is easy: just post new content every now and then and make sure to interact with your followers. There’s a ... read more

Social Media's ROI for Non-Profits

It's one of the biggest social media topics discussed on the internet today: Return on Investment. "How do you measure ROI for social media campaigns?" is the question that gets asked over and over again. However, that's really not the right question... read more

Best of the Rest, Part 3: Myspace and Ning

Today's "Best of the Rest" installment is a little different. It's the final post in our series (read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here if you missed them!), and today's two featured social networking sites are actually, in our opinion, usually best avoid... read more

Attention AVECTRA netFORUM users!

Want to extend the capabilities of your Avectra website beyond the basics? Looking to add more functionality and services than netFORUM currently offers? Or are you a new Avectra customer who could use assistance with implementation? Check out our services for Avectra users!


MemberPath launches TrafficGrow service

MemberPath has launched TrafficGrow, a new service that concentrates on increasing incoming traffic to your nonprofit website. Click here to learn more!






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