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Video clips are everywhere in the Internet world, and there are many ways -- many of them time-consuming for you and your audience -- to offer them for viewing on your website. Ultra Video Gallery is the best choice in a flexible, full-featured video hosting extension.

The major purposes of Ultra Video Gallery can be divided into 3 parts.

Allow site users to add new videos: In some cases you add videos yourself, but in community websites you allow your site users to add videos. UVG works in both situations. The configuration module can be used to set which roles are allowed to add new items.

Encode uploaded videos for Internet usage: Like Youtube, UVG allows you to upload videos in any of the popular formats. Once you upload a video, UVG encodes it to Flash Video or MP4 format with H264 encoding. Both formats are specially designed for Internet usage with a good balance of video quality and bandwidth space.

Play videos in flash video player: After video encoding, all videos can be played in the integrated flash video player. The video player is a group of modules which allows you to watch the video, rate it, comment on it, share it, and more. When both FLV H264 versions are available, you can choose the version you want to watch.


Highlights & Features

Complete solution: UVG is a complete, enterprise-level video solution which can be used in a multitude of situations, including product showcases, online education, and more. You can even use it to sell and play online instruction courses.

Platform compatibility: UVG is fully tested with all major platforms and browsers, so you can expect to safely deliver your video content to all visitors.

Video encoding engine: UVG uses the same technology as YouTube. When you upload a video clip, UVG encodes it to Flash Video format (.flv). The encoding process is fast, taking only a few seconds to convert a short video. Flash Video format is the most popular video format for internet video distribution.

H264 support: This feature enhances your user experience to a whole new level. H264 is a video codec standard you can use to deliver video content in extremely high quality at substantially lower bit rates. UVG can be set up to encode videos to H264 and/or .flv format, and when H264 coding is enabled, you can deliver high-quality video in HD 720P or even 1080P.

Flash video player: Encoded videos and videos from the Internet are played in UVG's integrated Flash video player, which offers the ability to quickly, smoothly play back your videos with a well-designed user interface. Users can switch between normal and full-screen modes.

Dedicated mp3 audio player: Besides video files, UVG is also able to store and play mp3 music with its dedicated audio player.

View permisson control: You can set view permssion on both the category and video level.


Setup Fee (One-Time): $495.00


Monthly License Module Fees:

User Security (Required): $49.00

Ultra Video Gallery: $95.00


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