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About Ultra Media Gallery

Ultra Media Gallery is a complete, full-featured web photo/image and media gallery management solution. With UMG, you can create photo and image galleries with customizable Flash and HTML views. You can subscribe to Flickr, Google Picasa, or other image sources by RSS so you can use UMG's high quality interface to warp these images. UMG also allows you to sell digital media products or prints online. UMG is a comprehensive image media management module with many configuration settings and options that offer you a wide range of presentation choices to suit your needs.


Highlights & Features

One product, many uses: UMG can be configured to run in four different modes. You can maintain the gallery by yourself, you can let your site users to contribute their work, you can let your site users to have a personal gallery, or you can build a gallery based on a server directory.

Various presentations: UMG comes with a choice of presentations, and you can switch to a fresh new interface by simply choosing a new presentation.

Flash player slide show: Adobe Flash is adopted as the presentation layer in most presentations. Flash player offers the ability to quickly, smoothly browse and play your photos with an excellent user interface, just like playing pictures on your local computer.

Organize pictures by gallery and album: Images are organized by albums and galleries. You can create unlimited albums in each gallery instance. An "album" could be a product category, a specific data range, a travel destination, a family member, etc.

Nested albums: An album can host sub albums. You can use this feature to neatly organize your albums like a tree. Some presentations support unlimited levels of nested albums.

RSS support: If you have an RSS feed with media RSS extension, such as Flickr or Google Picasa, UMG is able to subscribe to it and allows you to play images in UMG's high-quality user interface.

Permission control: UMG allows you to configure the module permission in different ways; for example, you can set which roles have full access to a gallery, you can set which roles are able to upload/approve/manage/view an album, you can set which roles are able to create personal galleries, etc.

Comment and rate: Site visitors can post comments and ratings for each image, and you can choose to show images sorting by rating score if desired.

Thumbnail navigation support: A thumbnail is automatically created when a new image is uploaded. Almost every presentation choice displays the thumbnail navigation bar and allows your visitors to easily pick a picture to view.

Supports various picture formats: UMG support pictures in jpeg / tiff / png / bmp / gif formats.


Setup Fee (One-Time): $495.00


Monthly License Module Fees:

User Security (Required): $69.95

Ultra Photo Gallery: $69.95


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