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About Document Exchange

Document Exchange allows you to merge and share documents in a flexible and intelligent way. You can upload documents, build highly organized folder structures, and allow users to access and edit documents online. Document Exchange also offers role-based control over folder and document access.



Content organization:

  • Store your files in a folder structure, just as you would when using Windows Explorer. Any document belongs to exactly one folder.
  • Organize your files using categories. Any document can belong to multiple categories.
  • Use global or folder-based and inheritable attributes for content.

Share content:

  • Link to content in DMX using a URL that will navigate to the content automatically
  • Syndicate content from DMX using RSS
  • Use folder synchronization to synchronize with files on disk

RSS syndication:

  • Restrict to category/restrict to folder
  • You can specify a custom filter to further limit the content being syndicated
  • Set number of items to syndicate
  • RSS feed includes document metadata in extension (in its own namespace)

Document upload/download:

  • Use the wizard to upload content. Uploading becomes much more user-friendly using a wizard interface, guiding the user through the process.
  • Upload control shows progress and prevents mishaps. The upload control gives the user feedback about the upload process.
  • Double-click download.
  • Download by email.
  • Choose between upload controls.
  • Unzip on upload.


  • Drag and drop from your Windows Explorer to upload/download content to/from Document Exchange.
  • Open well known document formats (Office) directly from Document Exchange in your client applications.
  • DMX WebDAV is fully integrated into DMX and versioning and locking are reflected in both Web UI and WebDAV backend simultaneously.
  • Open folders as ‘Web Folders’ in your Windows Explorer.
  • Use your own Windows Explorer to organize content (add, delete, move, etc.).
  • Set WebDAV permissions: specify roles that may access content through WebDAV.


  • Every item (folder, document, etc) has its own security settings.
  • Permissions are both role- and user-based.
  • Permissions are extensible. By default ADD, VIEW, EDIT, and APPROVE are available. For custom applications, more can be added.
  • By default, permissions are inherited upon creation of an item.
  • Files are hashed and renamed to prevent direct download.
  • Files can be saved to a network share to further complicate tampering.
  • Administrators can decide to switch off permission setting by regular users for particular branches of the document tree.


  • Full per-item approval mechanism. Content will not show up until approved.
  • Versioning of documents: You can specify the number of versions that should be kept on the server per document.
  • New versions of items subject to approval will show up as the last-approved version until approved.

Templatable UI:

  • Use a templatable UI to make DMX look how you want.
  • Templates are text/html files containing tokens that are replaced by content at runtime.
  • Token documentation included in distribution.
  • Create any number of different 'looks'.

Ajax UI:

  • A three-pane display shows navigation, file lists, and file details with statistics all on one page. The use of a splitter allows the user to examine each in detail.
  • There is a context-sensitive menu on each item. Right-click a file, and a menu shows relevant to that file.
  • The menu system is expandable. The menu can be adjusted for custom applications without the need to recompile code.
  • The details screen is expandable. The details screen is made to be able to show multiple panes so that custom applications can add their own details screen.
  • Powerful batch downloading. Select multiple items, and click download. The items will be zipped (preserving folder structure) and provided as download.
  • Use of style sheets permits customization.


  • Use the search box above the file list to quickly filter a list without interaction with the server.
  • Search engine is configurable.
  • Document contents are indexed using DotLucene® search engine or MS Indexing Service.
  • Use our unique on-screen search panel to search the entire contents of the repository.
  • Search on any field or combination of fields.
  • Use an advanced search box to compile your own Lucene syntax queries.
  • Limit search to folder/subfolders .


  • Subscribe to content and be notified upon changes.
  • Use of tokens means admin can make custom notifications.
  • The notification mechanism can be expanded for use in custom applications.
  • Notifications are pooled and sent in batches to avoid email floods.


  • Document Exchange is fully localizable.
  • Multiple language packs.
  • Document Exchange implements content localization. Titles of documents, categories, custom attributes and remarks can be specified in multiple languages.

Admin/Host functions:

  • Script runner includes scripts for less-common administrative tasks like content reindexing. Extensible solution that avoids screen clutter with infrequent tasks.
  • Export script to export complete DMX to a directory on the server's hard disk.
  • Web.config editor to tune key parameters (max upload size, etc.) and additions.
  • Support for IPortable. Export the contents and settings of DMX in portal templates.



Setup Fee (One-Time): $495.00


Monthly License Module Fees:

User Security (Required): $49.00

Document Exchange: $49.00


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User-friendly Windows appearance


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Per-item role- & user-based security



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