Complete Content Management System for netFORUM



If you have needs that extend beyond the capabilities of netFORUM's built-in Content Management System (CMS), you should consider getting the WebCenter CMS from Memberpath with integrated login to Avectra.




Our WebCenter Content Management System allows you to control your own website without having to be a webmaster or have any web programming skills. You simply log into your web site as an administrator, and interact with the easy menu-driven features to update your content. With our integrated login to Avectra, you can expand your website's capabilities far beyond netFORUM's basic CMS.

  • WebCenter helps you project a professional and interactive website that boosts your credibility instantly with visitors, customers and prospects.
  • The site supports the use of skins and containers for its graphic elements. These elements are changeable, so we can completely redesign the site again in the future without losing any of the content.
  • The easy placement of containers and modules helps you create interesting and professional looking pages, rather than dull, text-only layouts.
  • Our core and optional plug-and-play modules can bring fun and interesting features into your web pages that you might otherwise think were too advanced to consider. These modules are designed so your staff can manage the content within them without needing a webmaster.
  • We host all of our clients' websites in a secure server facility provided by Server Beach.

To see the added functionality you and your website visitors will enjoy when you integrate WebCenter with Avectra's netFORUM, click on netFORUM Extensions under the Avectra menu ... or simply click here.

For a detailed look at WebCenter's comprehensive list of features, click here.


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